Hospital Discharge – is it really that complicated?

You would probably need to be a total recluse, on the island of Nowifi to have not heard about the care crisis within the NHS and Social Care, particularly with regards to the issues with hospital discharge.  The problem We all see the news articles, documentaries and social media posts about bed blocking, ambulances queuing […]

How to have that awkward conversation about care

Many of us want to support our spouses or parents as they become older and, in some cases, more and more dependent on you.  As their main carer you may be feeling stressed, tired and torn in different directions by competing demands.  If you are feeling swamped, it’s time to have that awkward conversation about […]

Hearing Loss: Can you hear me?

This week is National Deaf Awareness Week which sees organisations having conversations with the public about the impacts of deafness and how we can create an inclusive community for people with hearing loss. Age Related Hearing Loss I regularly come across older people who find it increasingly difficult to hear and see the impact it […]

It’s a Family Affair

The other day someone asked me why the name Family Care Advice?  The easy answer would be just to blame my other half, as he came up with the name, but this was after a long discussion. I have long recognised the need for independent care advice, when I worked within the charitable sector, I’d […]